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Better then witnessing new born nebulas in bloom
Give me gin & tonic
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20th-Jun-2009 08:16 pm - now,it's been a loooong time...
Wow.It's been a REALLY long time,oh my.
I think i just...kinda forgot I had a lj y'know...lol
But now,on this cold,saturday night at work (yes,I work on saturday nights and yes,it sucks.)I just decided it was about time for me to bring this lj back to life so here I am.
Another reason that made me really want to post here again is that I started posting on twitter and I got really addicted to it...BUT you can't do big posts on twitter.If you want to,you have to post a lot of little messages and that is really annoying.I wanted to start doing big posts again,rembling and mumbling and complaining about things how I used to.And lj is the perfect place for this!
I absolutely LOVE lj.Even if I disappear for 1 year and a half.Still,I love this bloody thing lol!
I'll keep this (kind of) updated from now on.I'll do my best,I promise. :)
14th-Jan-2008 04:56 pm - hi!
Ok,cuz i'm such a lazzy ass,i haven't posted here in a looong time.
But,yes,i'm back!lol
Oh,Happy New Year!And Merry X-mas!hahahaha
This year is gonna be goood!I'm going to see Interpol in March,and,maybe *fingers crossed* BOB DYLAN!*-*
He's about to confirm some brazilian concerts and we're all veery excited here!
Soo,as a late X-mas gift,i'm bringing you...icons!
Of course,some are of my two new obssesions:Bob Dylan and Kiefer Sutherland*-*
Others are quite old,but I had never posted 'em before *like the Michael Pitt ones*.
I'm also bringing you some banners and message boards siggys that I made.
So,I hope you all like 'em and please,comment and credit if you take any!

13 Ville Valo
13 Kiefer Sutherland
8 Bob Dylan
5 Trent Reznor
11 Blaqk Audio/Davey Havok
11 Placebo
4 Silverchair
3 Sweeney Todd
4 Torchwood slash(Jack/Ianto & Jack/Jack)
6 Ben Kweller
9 Rufus Wainwright
2 Brendan Benson
2 Ben Lee
7 Eagles of Death Metal
2 The Cure slash(Simon/Robert)
6 Michael Pitt
3 Garden State
4 Velvet Goldmine
5 Maynard James Keenan
3 Jake Gyllenhaal
2 The Used
3 Frank Iero
3 Cillian Murphy
3 Elizabethtown

1 Jake Shears(Scissor Sisters)
2 Nine Inch Nails
1 Mika
1 Backyard Babies
1 Daniel Kessler(Interpol)
1 MY Chemical Romance slash(Frank/Gerard)
1 Mikey Way
1 Mr.Brightside(The Killers)
2 Ryan Adams

blowin'_in_the_windCollapse )

♪:But Honestly_Foo Fighters
29th-Jul-2007 04:55 pm - I suck at giving titles,so...
Yeah,I do.
So,it´s been a long time...I was busy(Ok,I'm lying,I was just being lazy)...
My vacation ends today,unfotunatelly ¬¬,so tomorrow it's time to go back to school!=/
So,I'm going to post some icons,to say goodbye to my vacation =]
I'm sorry if I already posted some of these,but I have REALLY bad memory x]
Please,credit if you take any.

5 Melissa Auf Der Maur
5 Scissor Sisters
5 Bones
26 Backyard Babies
11 Interpol
9 Sex And The City
3 Brian Molko/Stefan Olsdal
2 Brandon Flowers
2 Cup Cakes
7 Dita Von Teese
3 Patrick Wolf
4 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
4 Orlando Bloom
2 Nick Hodgson(Kaiser Chiefs)
8 Supernatural
7 Louis Garrel
3 The Strokes
3 PJ Harvey
10 Ville Valo(HIM)

Comments are welcome^^

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♪:The Cheyenne Line_The Ataris
29th-Apr-2007 08:12 pm - Touch,feel & love...
Yeah,it´s been a looong time since the last post.
I was...hum...kinda tired...and...lazy oiuhieauhaeih
Whatevar...it´s cold and it was rainning*-*
That´s so beautiful,aw.
I love rainy and/or cold days*-*
They´re so beautiful...
I hope that winter has finally arrived here!lol
Well...I´m bored.I haven´t got out of home for about a week.Great hum?
Yeah.So I decided to drown myself in beautiful singer-songwriters:Elliott Smith,Ryan Adams,Rufus Wainwright,Bright Eyes and Ben Kweller.Aw.I love them dude*-*
AND,when I get bored you know what I do...ICONS!
Yes,a whole bunch of new icons!lol
So,I´ll leave you all with the icons,remembering:
If you take any,please comment and/or credit.
Thank you!

12 Ryan Adams
6 Ewan McGregor
6 Davey Havok
8 Jake Gyllenhaal
6 Mika
7 Kaiser Chiefs(mostly Nick)
12 Depeche Mode
4 Placebo
4 The libertines(Pete & Carl)

Love_is_hellCollapse )
25th-Mar-2007 09:52 pm - cebo*-*
it´s been a long time huh...
i was withou my good computer,so i couldn´t do much with the other one...
now the good one´s back!lol
i´m VERY,VERY excited.i´m going to a placebo concert tuesday!
it´s the second time i´m going to see them,i´m sooooo happy!*-*
they´re like,my second favorite band(only behind incubus,of course)
i´ve been sick too,but now i´m fine...
i´m bringing some icons =D
hope you enjoy
and PLEASE coment and credit if you take any.
thank you ;]

1-5:Bill Beckett
15-24:Davey Havok/Hunter
25-27:David Bowie
28-32:Conor Oberst

Post_blueCollapse )
1st-Mar-2007 04:42 am(no subject)
Ok,I promissed myself I would start writing again.
I need to.I haven't been writing in a loooong time.Way too long,actually.
And I love to write.I really do.I always did.And,you see,I kinda need to write if I wanna be a journalist...
SO,I'm going to start to write again.I hope it turns out good...soon,you'll see some serious texts guys...just wait...wait for my mind to have some kind of inspiration.*dies*
Until that,I'll just go on with this stupid blog.Oh well.
Today I went to the movies with my mom.Yeah,there was NOBODY to go to the movies with me.Nobody wanted to see the movie I wanted to.We watched Les Amants Réguliers *something like Constant Lovers in english*,the new Philippe Garrel movie,with Louis Garrel.It's beautiful.Really.Amazing.
But you know,I'm a suspect,cuz I loooove french cinema and european cinema in general.And,of course,I love Louis Garrel.Haha.
Even my mom,who didn't like the movie,said that Louis was SO gorgeous.Well...he IS.Nothing more to be said.
AND he is talented.This just made me think...maybe talent is ereditary.I mean,if you look in louis family,he's father is a GREAT director.He's mother a great actress,as he's grandfather.And he's VERY talented.SO,maybe,talent IS hereditary.I dunno...but that just made me think...aaaand I HATE when I start to think about things...oh well.
Great movie.Go watch.NOW!
Ok,now I have to go to bed,cuz it's reeeeaally late and I'm reaally tired.
Au revoir*I know I wrote it wrong,k?*
17th-Feb-2007 01:08 am - seven faces
ok,so it´s 1 am and i want SO badly to sleep.
now i have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go to school.
yeah,that pertty much sucks.¬¬
so i´m very tired but,fortunatelly,this week it´s carnaval.
i don´t really like carnaval at all,but it´s good cuz we don´t have to go to school xD
the thing is...i´m feeling so...bad.i don´t know...i think i don´t even know how i feel...i just feel..weird.and sad.i feel so out of place...it´s like...i feel like i´m a very weird person when i´m at school.or when i walk on the street.or when i´m with my friends.i just liek...i don´t belong here.i have felt this way forever...i just feel bad about beeing who i am.sometimes i wish i was a completely different person...i wish i was like everybody,it would be so easier...and i wouldn´t feel this bad...this...sad.i just feel like...like i´m stuck in here.and god knows rather die then have to stay in this stupid town.god,i hate this place SO much...i just wish i was somewhere else you know...far,far away from here...from all these...people.i have great friends,and i really love them,but they don´t get it.sometimes i feel like no one does...i´m so tired...
11th-Feb-2007 07:46 pm - stella was a diver...
ok,i hate to write in english,but i do.
i don´t really know WHY,cuz nobody reads this anyway...
i don´t post too much,cuz i´m lazy,ya know?
but i just felt like posting...humm...
i made some icons...i don´t know if they look good or no
but i´ll post them...if you´d like to use,please credit me,k?
ohstellaCollapse )
30th-Aug-2006 01:00 am - how stupid am i?
so,here i can talk about this,
cusz i'm pretty much sure
NOBODY reads this anyway...
well,i have the incredible
capacity to always fall in
love with the wrong guys.
i'm already used to this...
the last guy i was really in
love was a good friend of mine
and i declared my love for him
and everything...but he said
he only liked me as his friend.
greeeat.so,after this,i haven't
been interested in any other guy
again...i had some relationships...
but i wasn't really in love...
but now there's this friend...again
another friend.how stupid am i,huh?
yeah...pretty much stupid,i know.
so,i'm not in loooove with him...
i just kinda like him...but i don't
know,i can't never figure out
what the fuck boys are thinking...
and i always end up confusing...
and i don't know what to do.
i'll probably do nothing,as usual...
1st-Jun-2006 04:06 pm - b is for bitch
so the thing is,
the mots part of the people i know
think i'm lika a saint or something
you know...they don't even know half
of the things i use to do...like,
for my parents,i'm the perfect daughter,
cuz they think i never do anything wrong...
so,sometimes i feel like i had a secret
life you know...it's like,for my parents
i had one kind of image...and for the rest
of the peole i had another one completely
different.well,not really for the rest of
pepople...for some people...cuz for some
of my friends,it's just like with my parents
they think i'm a completely innocent girl...
well...i guess i'll juest let'em think that way...
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